Introducing the new Security Review checklist

Introducing the new Security Review checklist

In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threats is crucial. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest feature: the Security Review checklist.

The new feature is designed to be completed quarterly to help ensure your attack surface management program remains as strong as possible. It provides a checklist of best practices to ensure things don't fall through the cracks and your Halo Security settings are optimized. With these recommendations, you can proactively assess discovery seeds, security risks, and account settings in a simple and straightforward way.

A Complementary Approach

In addition to this new feature, we continue to offer our popular human-led security reviews. These sessions allow you to meet with an experienced Halo Hacker to evaluate your organization's attack surface management program. The new checklist complements this by empowering you to address common recommendations independently in addition to consulting with our experts.

Key Categories

Let's explore some of the categories that the checklist includes:

  1. Seeds
    Maintaining up-to-date seeds is essential for accurate discovery within your organization. By doing so, you ensure that we have the most current information about your organization. Additionally, it's vital to review any potential seeds that we've discovered but the you haven't yet added to your account. This proactive approach helps keep your attack surface management program in sync with your evolving organization.
  2. Targets
    The Halo Security platform continually uncovers assets that may belong to your organization. While it's easy to add them as they're discovered, performing quarterly audits offers an opportunity to double check that all of your assets are being properly monitored.
  3. Security
    While the platform promptly alerts you to any issues we discover,  this is an opportunity for you to revisit any issues or exposures that may have been deferred or overlooked. Regularly reviewing and addressing these issues ensures that your organization's security remains robust and up to date.
  4. Setup
    It's essential to ensure that the platform is properly configured. Make sure we're aware of your current icons to enhance the accuracy of the discovery process. Confirm that the right user's have access.  Finally, reviewing previously acknowledged issues, hosts, and elements is crucial to ensure that they still align with your organization's security standards.

Ready to get started?

Complete your security review directly from your Halo Security account.

As always, we're excited for your feedback! Your insights are crucial as we work to refine this feature to help you better protect your organization's full attack surface.